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Tryin to be a Techy Teacher

Posted on: November 30, 2014

So for the past 13 weeks while I have been taking this EC&I831 masters class I have been trying to use some of what we are leaning in my teaching.  The biggest thing I think I have started using is Twitter.  When I remember to take out my phone I am trying to snap pictures of what the students are doing around the school and post them on twitter.  I have a lot of other teachers, students and parents who follow me and comment on what we are doing.  Aside from people in my school I also have other educators who are following me and who I follow and get new ideas from.  This week I went with the grades 2/3-5 classes to Agribition and was tweeting some of our experiences.  While we were there I had some new people follow and comment on me just for adding #agribition2014 to some of my tweets.  It was exciting to see who else was following that hashtag and I showed my student that someone commented on the picture of him birthing a sheep.  He was excited and it’s great to see learning go so far outside of the classroom.

Another thing I have been working on is a project with my grade 6/7 and 7 classes for them to use digital media to share some information about themselves using pictures to help tell their stories.  I talked to them about using iGo and the slides in there to share their ideas.  When I wrote my last post I mentioned that I didn’t have time to take a picture and on Wednesday I finally caught some of my kids screens on camera to share a piece of their presentation.

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3 Responses to "Tryin to be a Techy Teacher"

Doing great Jocelyn! Have you noticed a change in the student engagement with some of these practices?

Yes! They seem really excited about this project. And my kids love when I tweet about them and show them it on the Internet!

Hey, great example of how to use Twitter. Twitter is new to me this semester. I like to hear about the ways it can be useful for teachers!

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